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[Bann Valley] Message originator's email addresses rather than the list...

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   bmcneary@xxxxxxx <bmcneary@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Richard,

> When people send messages back to your list, I think the individual's
> email address stays with their message, rather than the list name.  As a
> result, those of us who have email such as earthlink's webmail where we
> use their blocking capability to keep out unknown names, end up with
> these names in our suspect email boxes, with no idea who they are and
> nothing to identify them as part of the list.  

> Today I found two such messages in my suspect box.

> I think the old list, showed the 4QD whatever as being the sender, which
> allowed the board's message to pass through the filter.

If you examine the headers of old and new lists, you will find the headers
are the same:
  To: the list
  From: the originator
  Reply-to: the list
in both the old and the new lists.

So you must have had your filters set to accept the old list. They need to
be changed.

What you may be asking for is a Prefix in the subject: something I have
been considering. It's now switched on.

It's useful to most peple to know that there are a mass of Headers in all
emails: these are generally hidden by your email program, but somewhere
there will be a 'View Headers' option, maybe Control H, which will show
you a lot. 

Some of these headers are very simple. Others can get quite technical.

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