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[Bann Valley] Civil Deaths database

Hi Folks,

I have been researching my family history in the Bann Valley for about 8
years and in the process amassed quite a lot of data.  Some of this is in
electronic form on Excel databases so I offered it to Richard and he has now
put one of these on the site.  It is a database of Civil Deaths, from
registration began in 1864 up to and sometimes beyond 1900.  It has 380
entries and covers all of my family names, but not all of them are done as
yet for every year.

The most common names are:
Gray, Brewster, Boyd, Brewster, McClements, McKeown, Gordon, McCook,
Coulter, Bellingham ...... but ther are 16 names in all.  They are filed
under Miscellanea on the site.

They lived mainly in the parishes of Macosquin and Lislea.

If anyone is interested in any of these names, please feel free to contact



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