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[Bann Valley] (Re)introduction

Thanks to Richard for setting up the new groups.

I am John Woods from New Zealand. I have Scottish, English and Irish
heritage and have been researching my Bann Valley ancestry on and off for 18
or more years. When I started, researching meant a lot of letter writing and
often having to travel to Britain to achieve any results. Things have got a
lot better since then and with a modest budget and a connection to the
internet almost anybody can go back 100 years or more. I'm encouraged by the
information collected and transcribed on the Bann Valley site by generous
people and by agencies such as PRONI and National Archives of Ireland making
valuable records available for free on the web.

My main Bann Valley research interests are
Woods in Kilrea and Tamlaght O'Crilly, especially Drumane.
Woods in Ballyagan, 1850-1880
Gilmore in Boveedy (also spelled Bovedy and Boveady)
Johnston in Drumsaragh and Drumane

John Woods

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