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[Bann Valley] Bann Valley people in England Census

One source worth looking at for Bann Valley people is the Census records of
other countries.

I decided to look in more detail at the census records of England. The first
census to record the county of birth was the 1851 census. I did a search in
this census for people born in County Londonderry using a well known
database and came up with 677 people. Of these 677, a surprising number had
a more specific birthplace recorded. Transcriptions of the census records
were obviously done by people without local knowledge, but a number of
birthplaces appear to be in or near the Bann Valley. Here is a partial list
using spellings as transcribed. I have simply extracted those people who
appear to be born in Bann Valley places. Errors in this extraction process
are mine alone! The fields are:
Name; estimated birth year; birthplace; relationship; Civil Parish.

Here it is:

John Anderson; 1831; Aughaderry; Gunner & Driver; Stoke Dameral, Devon
Jane Avis; 1827; Colererne; -; Portsea, Hampshire
George Barkley; 1831; Maghord; Soldier; Woolwich, Kent
Michael Brown; 1826; Mulladoy; Soldier; Portsea, Hampshire
Andrew Burnside; 1833; Magharafelt; Soldier; Weeden Beck, Northamptonshire
John Campbell; 1834; Kibred [sic]; Pauper; Stepney, Middlesex
William Campbell; 1826; Cobrein [sic]; Son; Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire
John Cannon; 1830; Drumbarnet [sic]; Soldier; Woolwich, Kent
John Crully; 1832; Tamlingh; -; Chatham, Kent
James Cushley; 1831; Magherrfeld; Soldier; Woolwich, Kent
Samuel Deen; 1832; Colranie; Soldier; Woolwich, Kent
Margaret Denning; 1828; Hellrea [sic, Kilrea?]; Wife; Woolwich, Kent
Hugh Devlin; 1815; Coleraine; Soldier 91 Rifler; Extraparochial, Kent
Alexander Drennan; 1829; Maghara; - ; Gillingham, Kent
Robert Evans; 1830; Portgleman; Gunner & Driver; Stoke Dameral, Kent

If there is interest from list members, I can continue with the above
listing. Also if any particular person listed is of interest, I will look it
up - provided there aren't too many requests! I didn't look at Bann Valley p
laces in County Antrim.

I couldn't help noticing the high number of soldiers listed above. For many,
The National Archives, London will have more information.

I also had a quick look at some of the later England censuses. Unfortunately
very few gave a more specific birthplace than County Londonderry or Derry. A
notable exception was, in the 1861 census, a Michael Bradley, born about
1831 in Kilrea, a Stoker in the Royal Navy.

John Woods
New Zealand

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