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[Bann Valley] Re: Anne, Agnes and Nancy

On 09 Feb, <boydgray26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am still chasing my Boyds in Aghadowey and Macosquin.  I have a great
> grandmother called Annie Brewster (1851-1945) from Dromore in Macosquin
> and wonder if she might be named for a lady called Nancy Gage
> (1776-1864) from Collins in Aghadowey.  Although in different parishes,
> the two townlands are only one townland apart.  Nancy would have been
> Annie's grandmother but I am desperately short of proof.  I know Agnes
> and Nancy are definitely the same name.  Can anyone tell me if Anne,
> Agnes and Nancy are all interchangeable?

AFAIK Nancy and Agnes are interchangeable. I have a Nancuy/Agnes in my
tree. However.., like yourself, I would love a clarification.

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