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[Bann Valley] Re: EPPI

In article <862CB56E-C3C2-485E-8C2B-EC047CC3ED70@xxxxxxxxxx>,
   Lunney Family <family@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes; I'd agree; be aware that spellings were much more variable in  
> the past than we can conceive of today. And the records were created  
> by someone in a 19th century English office trying to read  
> handwritten reports sent from places they had never heard of. It is a  
> good idea to check all the records fot a particular parish (with  
> variant spellings, like Kilraughts Kilraghts) and if a record looks  
> as if it might contain local names, check it. By opening up a record  
> that listed licenced apothecaries, even though Ihad no inkling that  
> any of my ancestors might have been apothecaries, I found a kinsman  
> Archibald Borland of Kilraughts; his name was spelled Borband; I'd  
> never have found it searching for any normal Borland type spelling  
> variant.
> Linde

Another point, because of the varied spelling, you really cannot search a
record by name alone. In practise you need to read and understand
virtually the whole original, in as close a rendering as you can get to
the original, so that similar names may ring the appropriate bells.

Which is one of the reasons that I am not tempted to try any databasing
and searching of the BV site data - so many clues can get lost by studying
someone else's interpretation of the data! Also a reason I prefer whole
transcriptions, such as the Visitations list and some of the graveyard
records, to extract done by someone for their own family.

Of course the Kernohan/Torrens data (which started the whole site
information) is such a partial extract - but in this case most of the
'real' data has been lost. Shame no other such extracts from the lost
records have turned up.

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