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[Bann Valley] Introduction--my first attempt to post to the group

Dear Bann Valley group, I have been a new member for a couple of weeks 
now, and I'd like to introduce myself:
My name is Anne Stratton Hilts in Tucson, AZ, USA.  Our family has 
been thinking for years that our Stratton ancestors were from Scotland 
before coming to PA, USA in 1872.  I found out recently they were from 
Derry, Ireland before removing to Scotland 1847 during the Potato 
Famine, and who knows before that?  I'd like some help finding out 
when they came to Derry and from whence.  I found my great great 
grandfather Thomas Strattom in your church records web site, and I was 
SO grateful and thrilled.  He went back home to Derry from Wishaw in 
the Glasgow area to marry Nancy Nichol
11DEC1856 at First Garvagh Presbyterian Church after his first wife, 
Esther Dobbins, my ancestor died of TB in 1855.  On her death 
certificate it said she was born in Gortnamoyagh, Derry, Ireland in 
1821 or 22 to Thomas Dobbins and Hannah Blair Dobbins.  Thomas 
Stratton's parents were James Stratlin and Sarah Donnly Stratton. I 
found a James Stratlin on your site in church records at First Garvagh 
Presbyterian Church as a witness, along with John Knox! at the wedding of
John Stratlin to Elizabeth Gilmore 20SEP1833 or 4.
This James might be my great great great grandfather. They were all 
illiterate farm laborers, weavers and coal miners, so I have found the 
name spelled 8 different ways so far.
Thomas & Esther's son James Stratten, my great grandfather was born in 
Derry 16JAN 1845 or 6. So far I have found no record.
Other names I am looking for are my great grandmother, Letitia Shields 
Stratton born 3JAN1846 in Donegal County Ireland while it was still 
part of Ulster.  Her parents were Covenanters---very Orange!  John 
Shields and Oslay or Casaba Brown were her parents.  No records here
Thank you for the help so far of being there on the web.  Please let 
me know if you find any other records of my people, and especially 
where they came from before Ulster and why.  Anne Feb 20, 2008

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