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Re: [Bann Valley] Introduction--my first attempt to post to the group

Dear Bann Valley Group, Thank you for your replies. Hope I have finally got
my act together regarding plain text. I would indeed love to get the
Stratton/Bell tree. I am   hilts@xxxxxxxxxxx  , have high speed cable
connection and can get attachments. This tracing ancestors through space &
time is great fun--history mystery. It is likely I am a distant cousin of
this Stratton/Bell line, because all my info on Strattons also comes from
the Parish of Cambusnethan, which no longer exists--all swallowed up by
Glasgow now. Wishaw, Overtown, Gilhead and Waddell's Coal Pit were our place
names in Lanark County, Scotland, 1847 to 1872.  It was official death &
marriage & census records from there that led me to Gortnamoyagh and thence
to this wonderful Bann Valley site. Btw, I noticed the Bann Valley
gravestones listing with Samuel Stratton and a Jane & some McNearrys &
Gilmores.  More clues for me to investigate. I wonder if these are also
related to me-one of them ended up in Allegany County PA here in USA with my
James Stratton ancestor.
Did John Stratlin have a brother or a father named James Stratlin that came
to his wedding when he married Eliz Gilmore 1833 or 4? I saw the names in
one church record but cannot connect them to my Thomas Strattom yet. And
would any of you like to see my Stratton/Dobbins/Shields material? I guess
all my younger Derry ancestors went to Cambusnethan to mine coal when the
Famine hit 1845 to 50, and then to PA after the US Civil War when the old
folks died and they were free to leave.

 Thank you for the Hannah(Blair?)Dabbin/Esther Dabbin/Thomas Dabbin notation
in the visitation log for Gortnamaya (is this the same as Gortnamoyagh?)
1840.  Sounds as if they are my Dobbins ancestors. Esther was born there in
about 1822, was married to Thomas Stratton there and had a son in 1845
there, so it fits. Also, another Gilmore connection with the little boy.
I'll keep searching the various church records for birth, death, bapt,
marriage for more clues.

Our Stratton Y-DNA tested out R1b and is posted on Y-Search in the Stratton
Surname project.  So we know our male ancestors spent the Ice Age in Spain
and were in Ulster in the 1800's. I'd like to find out where they were in
between.  Was Bann Valley settled by Ironmongers from London or Scots or
people from Cornwall? And when?  And why? No history books I have read are
specific enough to tell me, but they do speak of religious wars.  Please
recommend the best one I can buy for the early history of Bann Valley.

So glad you are on the net!  Anne Stratton Hilts

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