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[Bann Valley] McIlwraith family history

Hello Listers

I am attempting to find the birth of my great grandfather John Edward McIlwraith who is supposed to have been born in Alderney, Channel Islands in about 1862.  He was in Sydney, Australia in 1887 for his marriage and possibly arrived in Sydney about 1885.  Several McIlwraiths did come to NSW about that time but no initials are given with the surnames on shipping lists.  He died in Sydney 1892.  

John Edward McIlwraith's parents were (according to his marriage certificate) Andrew McIlwrath (different spelling) and Elizabeth Escott / Eascott.  The only dates I have for the parents are that in 1887 Andrew was a soldier and that he had died before 1892.  I have no dates at all for his mother.

My next clue (and possibly my best chance)  is an uncle - James McIlwraith - who is named on John Edward McIlwraith's death certificate as the informant.  According to James' marriage certificate he was born in Kilrea, Ireland.  There is conflicting information on the marriage certificate so he could have been born about 1845 or 1856!  I believe he probably arrived in Sydney about 1879. James married in Sydney in 1880 and died in Sydney 1904.

I am presuming James and Andrew were brothers.  

I am hoping somebody may be looking into this family and can advise me if they did live in the Kilrea area.  I'd also like to know if there are shipping records out of Northern Ireland in the 1860s & 1870s - I believe a lot of people left for overseas destinations in that time.

Thanking you in anticipation!!
Wyoming, north of Sydney, Australia