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[Bann Valley] Bernie Woods RIP

I sadly report the death of Berwyn (Bernie) Woods of Christchurch, New
Zealand who died last month in his 70s. He is survived by his wife of many
years, Mollie Woods.

Bernie Woods was born in New Zealand and attended school here in
Christchurch but his Woods family hails from Kilrea. I never got to meet him
or his family but my dad met him. He didn't visit Ireland until the 1980s
but felt an affinity for things Irish.

Bernie Woods was not descended from Robert Woods (c1818-1878), my most
distant known Woods ancestor from the Bann Valley but I think it's possible
we are related.

There was an obituary in our local twice-a-week newspaper the Christchurch
Star. There wasn't much at all in it about his ancestry but he had a brother
Jack, now deceased.

John Woods

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