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[Bann Valley] James Stratlin origins

Thanks to you I think I  have found an ancestor Stratlin in Bann Valley in a
Presbyterian Church as a wedding witness in about 1820: "Stratlin, James. 
John Knox was his friend and was at John Stratlin's wedding too.
All this info from the FGPC Garvagh, Derry, Ireland."  This is as far back
as I am able to go to date.
So now I need to read a  book that can tell me who and whence & when came
those Protestant  Plantations settlers
--something that names names, especially the Stratton name.  Which one do
you  recommend? And where can I find it?
Another good thing that happened on this list is that someone contacted me
privately, having found a Bann Valley Stratton in their family tree.
BTW, my Stratton dad's Y DNA has been reclassified to R1b12 due to the
Haplogroup names recently being updated in accordance with the 2008
Y-Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree. I think the Ice Age male ancestor hunted
reindeer in Spain, then came over to the British Isles when the ice melted
from them.
Thank you, Anne Stratton Hilts in Tucson, Arizona USA 520-529-1772

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