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[Bann Valley] 1831 census

I am pleased to inform the list that the 1831 census for the Parish of
Tamlaght O'Crillyis now on the BV site at 
These files have been transcribed as a joint effort by Barbara Braswell and
myself over a period of a few months and I hope you will agree, they add
more substance to an already rich collection of online genealogy on the Bann
Valley Site. I have also contributed a map of the Parish with its modern
townlands, little changed since 1831. This will be useful alongside the
census. There is a map scale and some route numbers for visiting
genealogists. The data was obtained mostly by Barbara in the form of
photocopies which she scanned and sent to me. We cooperated in the typing
and correction of the names, some of which are very difficult to decipher.
Some still have ? against them.
Richard has converted our files for the Web and I believe he welcomes other
contributions of a similar nature, if you can spare a few hours to do some
transcription in your own area of interest. I will be happy to help with
files where I can, or with advice on formats, converting etc.
It is only by people contributing that the content of the site can grow.
PS who has access to Kilrea 1831 census? Who is prepared to transcribe it?
Who will type it? What about Desertoghill? Aghadowey? Other Church
records?(the site shows the churches but no records for some, and incomplete
for others. An hour per week would make a big difference over a year. 
Thanks go to Barbara for her dedication and insight into the "translation "
of many of the surnames. This job was a pleasure!

William Scott

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