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[Bann Valley] Bann Valley records

As William Scott points out, I certainly welcome input from others. There
are several projects I have started on the www site, asked for input from
listers, and got nothing...


All ask for input from visitors. As do many of the partial lists.

There are only a very few people on the list who give data. Thanks to all
of them. They are named on the appropriate pages on site. Most, like
myself, have significantly increased their own knowledge by giving.
Collecting data without giving anything actually doesn't work as well!

So, if anyone else wants to contribute, how to proceed?

First thing we need is some sort of list of what records are available for
transcription. Records generally are raised by church - so a list of
churches is needed.
That's what the
www.torrens.org.uk/Genealogy/BannValley/church/contents.html is! But I
cannot from England place churches on a map, nor can I ascertain which
church names apply to which church. So I'm stuck there! need input from

Next step: each church has its own index page where I can put details and
photos of the church. I can also list here documents that have been raised
by that church. From that, we will know what we have and what needs to be

It also generally only works if a whole (section) of a record it
transcribed. Extracts of a particular family name are of less use and
cause a significant amount more wotk later when other extracts are
integrated with them. That's somewhat ironic as the whole site started
with such partial lists - see
for the full story.

I have had significant help proof reading the site from one member (thanks
Anne) and corrections/additions are always welcome.

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