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RE: [Bann Valley] Bann Valley records

The PRONI web site lists in total, the index of all their church records
held on film for COI and Presbyterian churches, at least. There is a more
detailed/complete index in the reading room. You can find a further link to
these record indexes at
Generally speaking, the Presbyterian records are all made available to PRONI
(apart from recent records), although some may not yet be filmed.
Some COI records are permitted to PRONI, but some are withheld in local
church custody and more difficult, maybe impossible to access. 
Few R Catholic Church records will be found in PRONI.
As a general rule, if the records are not in these church indexes, they will
be difficult to access anywhere for transcription.
There are 61 Pres churches listed on the Co L'derry side of the Bann for
example. Listers may not be interested in all of these? What about a shorter
list more confined to the Bann valley area? 
Aghadowey,Ballylintagh,Bellaghy,Boveedy,Churchtown (Tamlaght
O'Crilly),Coleraine (1st),Coleraine (3rd - Terrace Row),Coleraine (New Row),
Culnady,Curran,Garvagh (1st),Garvagh (2nd),Garvagh (3rd),Kilrea (1st),Kilrea
Of course a selection of Co Antrim churches might be needed as well? And C
of Ireland? and some of the minor churches?

What are the thoughts of those who might be interested in helping to
transcribe even portions of the most valuable of these?
You will note that a good core of these churches are already listed on the
site, but few records are there for some churches, and many are incomplete.
Does anyone have access to any of these?

I'm sure all genealogists would agree with Richard's sentiment that
published extracts of one family's data from a record are practically
useless for other surfers. Even if you are interested in that family name,
you will need to view the complete records, probably more than once!

William Scott

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