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Re: [Bann Valley] Bann Valley records

  I am very new to this site.  I have been searching for relatives in the townland of Ballydonnelly (Rasharkin parish).  Does anyone know of this townland?  Also, I am interested to know what Presbyterian churchs may be close to this townland that would have been in existence back in the late 1880's.  
  Appreciate any help that someone would offer.
  Ken Ray
  Florida, USA

B Young <jb.young@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hello List

Does anyone have any photocopies of any records entries for the 2nd Presbyterian church, Garvagh ? 
Or is there anyone living near or going to PRONI, who could get them for me?

I am willing to transcribe them for the website if anyone can help me, but being in New Zealand, I 
don't have access to them myself.

Beryl Young 

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