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Re: [Bann Valley] Re Ballydonnelly

Yes, I am looking for my relatives with the last name Rea.  My great grandmother also had a maiden name spelled the exact spelling of your name (McCaughern).  Wonder if we are related in some way?  Elizabeth McCaughern married Robert Rea in Churchtown Presbyterian in 1870.  They had 6 children while living there in Ireland (Ballydonnelly) and then headed to the U.S. in 1887, settled in Troy, New York.  My grandfather, Robert A. Rea was born there in 1884, I will attach his birth certificate on this message.  The name was changed to Ray once they were established in the states, I understand the spelling was changed because of the way it was pronounced.
I would be very interested in hearing from you with any information.
Ken Ray
Florida, USA

r mccaughern <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Re Ballydonnelly

Hi ken
I know ballydonnelly my folks came from there and I still have a farm
Are you looking for relatives called Rea?




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