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RE: [Bann Valley] Address and pastor of Rasharkin Presbyterian


Courtesy of Google, a very handy wee genealogy tool:
Rasharkin Presbyterian
Rev. James Craig Simms
27 Moneyleck Road
BT44 8QB
Tel: 028 2957 1665

See for yourself:

Ringing from America, which I would guess you were (Ken Ray from Florida?),
then you should drop the first zero in the phone number and preface it with

We would call him a minister here rather than pastor, and if you want him to
search records a wee donation to the church roof restoration fund wouldn't
go amiss as these are exceptionally busy men.  In fact, you would be better
checking the Coleraine branch NIFHS microfilms in Coleraine, if you could
find someone locally to do it for you.  I would, as it's an easy one, if I
didn't live 50 miles away.  Btw, how do you know there WERE Commumicants
Roll Books?


Boyd Gray

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