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[Bann Valley] Re: Placenames in the Bann valley

In article <1D714A44-FE3F-4276-B95C-797C6D8A3C18@xxxxxxxxxx>,
   Lunney Family <family@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Richard,
> I can't get the URL for the placename page to work; my browser?
> Anyhow, I have Alfred Moore Munn's book on all co. Derry placenames,  
> and also 3 vols of Joyce Irish Place Names, and I'll be glad to write  
> up a few meanings and a bit of history from Munn on some of the local  
> names. In a week or two when we get through Finals and Leaving  
> Certificate and  major gardening...

> Linde Lunney

Hi Linde

I'm replying through the list for the benefit of other listers, but such
enquiries should ideally be sent off-list.

To fix a broken link, I need to know the URL of page the link is on, and
what the URL of the page it is linking to actually is. Also, what actually
happens when you try?

The site is quite regularly run through a link-checker program, and all
links quoted on the new site are fine, both internal and external.

Most links to the old site (4QD.org) redirect properly to the new pages on
Torrens.org.uk but some may not as the site was reorganised in the move
and the re-pointing of links is generic.

The placenames index is at:
http://www.Torrens.org.uk/Genealogy/BannValley/Geography/index.html Bann
Valley place names.

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