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[Bann Valley] Admin - top posting

I draw certain members notice to the rules:
http://www.torrens.org.uk/Lists/3_rules.html rules for Torrens Family
genealogy mailing lists

The first Don't is DO NOT TOP POST.

A fine example of  why not has just been posted: it quotes in full two
previous emails. There is no point at all in the archives containing such
repeats of postings.

Associated with this rule is Do:
Snip out bits of the post which are not relevant to your reply.

I cannot set up a rule to dertect top postinfg and prevent it
automatically, so please obey the rules. However I can set rules so that
emails from offenders are moderated.

Richard Torrens - ListMaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Resale or use on any lists is expressly forbidden.

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