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[Bann Valley] Re: Bann Valley records

In article <20080609121057.FRM27148@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   <pok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Richard 

> I have a couple of lists of more Baptisms for Kilrea Church of Ireland &
> Burials for same church if you would like to add them to the Bann Valley
> website. How would you like me to send them. They are just word
> documents.

Normally, this sort of question is best off-list; but for everyone's

I am working on a new file upload system. You simply point your browser at
and follow the instructions.

Info for adding to the site should generally be in plain text: html is
used on the site and it is an acronym for "Hyper Text Markup Language".
I.e. it's plain text, marked up with the appropriate hyperlinks etc. So I
start with plain text!

If the file is at all unsuited to plain text (i.e. it's a table or some
such) then contact me by email first to discuss it.

The upload page seems to work fine. There are some wrinkles under the skin
which are causing me some thinking, but that's the nature of running a www

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