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[Bann Valley] Re: Bann Valley records

In article <001201c8c9f7$cb1b2cc0$0200000a@GA8S661FXM775>,
   Rosemary Pollock <morewind@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I seem to be stuck around the 1800 mark.

As I think is everyone! It seems near impossible to get any further back.

I am lucky - because of the letters Jared Sidney Torrance found. The story
is at

So I have my earliest ancestor b. 1695 and a fair probability of his
father and two uncles. Seems this is the exception in tracing Irish roots.

I'm luck because an American traced his roots and wrote a book about it
- but he sas doing it around 100 years ago so was closer to his own
roots. He also got some records that have since been destroyed
(bombing of the Four Courts in 1921).

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