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Re: [Bann Valley] Boveedy Baptisms

Many thanks to those who are putting new information up on Richard's site. New info is always welcome, and even if sometimes it isn't entirely new to you, it can re-focus your attention. This is what has happened for me since you posted the Boveedy baptisms. I was aware of my great great great uncle James Gilmour, who was minister of Boveedy; I knew about some of his family details, but the information about the second names of some of the children as baptized was new. And seeing their names and his wife's name made me wonder where she came from; Dorothea Fuller; not a Boveedy name. It turned out when I checked that she was from Bandon, co. Cork; they must have met when he was a minister there. But oddly they married, it appears from FamilySearch, in co. Armagh, in 1849. I suppose roughly halfway between Bandon and Boveedy; or possibly he was a minister there at that date; I'll have to check his career.But anyway, how did she get to Armagh? Who escorted her; did they correspond before marriage? All kinds of interesting questions. And then when I checked on Fullers in Bandon, they were of English origin, one of the first families to settle there, in the 1650s and there is or was a Fullers Lane in Bandon. I see I will have to have a look at the Historic Towns Atlas volume on the history of Bandon, or some other history of the town. I never would have thought that I had any connection with Bandon. Just goes to show!

Linde Lunney

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