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Re: [Bann Valley] Boveedy Baptisms

--- On Sun, 6/15/08, Lunney Family <family@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 But oddly they married, it appears
> from  
> FamilySearch, in co. Armagh, in 1849. I suppose roughly
> halfway  
> between Bandon and Boveedy; or possibly he was a minister
> there at  
> that date; I'll have to check his career.But anyway,
> how did she get  
> to Armagh? 

This record is from Emerald Ancestry giving the church.

Record Type	Civil Marriage
Date of Marriage	25 Sep 1849
Groom Name	James GILMOUR
Bride Name	Dorothea FULLER
Church	Knappagh Presbyterian Church
Parish	Eglish
Civil District	Armagh
County	Armagh



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