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[Bann Valley] Gilmour marriage esp. for Barbara Braswell


I am a bit concerned in case I have already posted this; it feels as if I did, but I can't find the message; so apologies if I am sending a message twice.

Barbara Braswell told me about baptisms in Boveedy of the children of the minister Rev. James Gilmour who is a distant uncle of mine; Linda Gilmour also helped with info. His wife was from Cork, but they married in Armagh. I followed up some of the exotically named children about whom I'd had no information. I was intrigued to find in the Freeman's Journal of 22 May 1877; in Churchtown P resbyterian church by rev. John Gilmour of Crossroads, Armagh, uncle of the bride; Robert Harvey of Camowen House, Armagh, to Elizabeth Burnett Fuller Gilmour, daughter of re. James Gilmour. I think Armagh is wrong, I think it should be Omagh; Harveys owned 1586 acres in Tyrone.

Linde Lunney

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