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[Bann Valley] documentation for our Stratton & Aikman ancestors posted on the web

Stratton & Aikman--our ancestors posted on the web by me (Anne 
Stratton Hilts 7-13-08) and Mary Becker, the Group Administrator for 
the Ards Peninsula Project (east of Belfast in County Down, North 
Ireland). This is a male and female DNA project for everyone who had 
ancestors on the Ards Peninsula.  Some Strattons lived there. You can  
join or you can just read without logging in.  If you want to add  
something or correct something or join contact Mary:
mary.becker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  or me:  hilts@xxxxxxxxxxx This can be "our"  
web site--I do not have a home page of my own--so please bookmark it.
 Hi everyone,
 Our Ards Pedigree Forum is nearly complete and up to date:
 Scroll down to Kit # N51974--our male to male Stratton ancestors YDNA
 We have documentation posted here for our male to male Stratton 
 ancestors--the most important link:
 At the bottom of the page is a link to "A Book of Strattons" 1906 
 about the 3 main branches of UK Strattons.

 Agnes Cross & Anna Aikman posted here:
 "Note: There is a separate documentation page for the mtDNA  results 
 for this Kit #N51974, whose mtDNA line's earliest known  ancestor is 
 Christina Moir." All these female to female ancestors of ours are U5 
 Here is where you can find some of our Irish Stratton/Dobbins 
 ancestors documented: Bann Valley Genealogy site:

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