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Re: [Bann Valley] Torrens/Archibald connections

Frankie, Im the freind Linda Gilmore has just mentioned, The Samuel Torrens of Coolneman who married Elizabeth Henderson (nee Gilmore) was my G,Great Grandparents. Their daughter Elizabeth went to Scotland and married her neighbour James Archibald. Have you been in touch with Robert Morrison ?? He is or was on this list, he is descended from James Archibald and Eliza Torrens.

It was only through the Will of Samuel Torrens that I was able to find out he even had a daughter Elizabeth , she was mentioned as Elizabeth Archibald and I had a lot of fun finding her marraige in local Church Records, Eventually I gave up only to be contacted about 2 Months later by Robert Morrison. Thats when he informed me that they were Married in Greenock.

So it looks like you would have been a 2nd cousin to my late Father and my 3rd cousin.

Welcome to the List. If you like I could send you more information, you can contact me at sdtorrens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,

Derek Torrens.

Frankie Black wrote:
Hello to one and all,

My name is Frankie and I live in Australia and I have 2 young girls and a
husband who puts up with my growing obsession with my Family tree. I have
become very keen on discovering my ancestors.  The last year I have been
trying to track anyone connected to Archibald/Torrens Families and it looks
like I've come to the right spot.

What I do know for sure is:

James Archibald B:1896 Greenock Scotland (My Grandfather)

Married: 1921 Greenock Scotland

Alexina Wedderspoon B: 1896 Dundee Scotland (My Grandmother)


Elizabeth Torrance B:1922 D:2000

Alexina B:1925 D:2001

James B:1927 D:1966

John Alexander B:1929 D:1981

Isabella Siberite Taylor B:1930

Arkley McKenzie B:1933 D:1975

Norah Halley Scott B:1934

Margaret B:1938 D:1973

James Archibald B:1853 Londonderry Ireland (G GF, he was son of Robert
Archibald B:1811 and Nancy Henderson B:1813)

Married: 1880 in Greenock, Scotland

Elizabeth Torrens B:1856 Culnamen Ireland D:1935 Greenock (G GM, she is
daug. Of Samuel J Torrens B:1825 and Elizabeth Gilmour previously Henderson

Robert Archibald B:1881
John Alexander B:1885 (Twin)

William Henderson B:1885 (Twin)

Samuel B:1890 D:1893

Elizabeth B:1892

James B:1896 D:1974

Hugh B:1899

I look forward to hearing from anyone with mutual interests in the above

I hope I am sending this to the correct spot.  If not please let me know the
correct email address.



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