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[Bann Valley] Interested in finding Rea's

Hello all
I believe I may have relatives that first settled near and may have attended the Finvoy Presbyterian Church.  I see a couple records on the Bann Valley site for Finvoy but I am not sure if other records exist.
I was hoping that someone could check with the Church there or provide some way (address or email) that I can use to contact the church.
I am in search of any records of my relatives that started out and or lived in County Antrim during the early and late 1800's.  
I understand that the Rea family moved from Scotland to Ireland and settled in the Ballymena area probably in the early 1800's.  My great, great grandfather's name is Charles Rea and I believe he was born somewhere in the timeframe of 1805-1825.  He married a woman with the first name Anna but I do not know her maiden name or when they did get married.  Charles eventually settled in Ballydonnelly, Rasharkin Parish, as I found him in the Griffiths Valuation.  Also, by looking in this valuation document, I find 4 other Rea's besides Charles that rented land in Ballydonnelly when the valuation was taken in the 1860's.  
Charles also had a son, my great grandfather, named Robert Rea who was born 1845 and I do not know where he was baptised.  I am trying to find any record of either baptism for Charles in the early 1800's or record of Robert in 1845..
Thanking you in advance for anything that can be located.
Ken Ray
Dunedin, Florida, USA