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Re: [Bann Valley] Torrens/Archibald connections

Derek, it's good to see you on here again. Frankie and I made contact last year and swapped a lot of information but there is still much for her to get. My grandfather, Robert Archibald son of James Archibald and Elizabeth Torrens and her grandfather, James Archibald were brothers. James's eldest daughter was my mother's namesake, Elizabeth Torrance Archibald. Funnily enough I knew about her birth from the Scottish Birth Index years before I knew the details of the connection. She was born in Dundee, not Greenock, and I knew from the name there had to be a connection. It's interesting that the Torrens has become Torrance when they were in Scotland. I can always remember my mother telling me that she was named after her Grandmother, Elizabeth Torrens but I could never understand why they changed the spelling to Torrance.

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