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Re: [Bann Valley] Church records and cemeteries--Castledawson, Bellaghy, Ballymena

I have a Nikon (several years old) with a black-and-white "documents" setting. I dropped it and cracked the battery access latch, so was convinced to replace it with a newer camera that took 13MB photos but lacked the document setting.

Fortunately, I kept the Nikon, just for genealogy, because when photographing books or microfilm from a reader, that document setting just can't be beat.

Look for it if you're buying a digital camera for the trip.

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I will be doing research in Belfast in October this year and have decided to try to access the church records either at PRONI or the Presbyterian Historical
Society which I read somewhere has an index for church records in Northern
Ireland. I'm trying to confirm the information about the indexes but have yet
to hear from them.

I know that one can pay to have the genealogical society in Derry City look up
records but it's a bit pricey for those of us in the U.S.
~Linda Sewright

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