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[Bann Valley] document photography and OCR

Awhile back I suggested that someone try using a digital camera to capture documents while traveling.

Stuck with a new computer and scanner, I found myself needing to find free OCR software that could open photos and read the text.

Many flatbed scanners come with a free copy of Abbyy FineReader Sprint--which is what I used in the past, and was pretty satisfied with. Abbyy has an article about how to use your digital camera effectively to get document information; I think I would have done better if I had read the article before I left home. It's here:

The OCR software on the new printer/scanner won't read from a file. So I went looking for a freeware program comparable to Abbyy.

Here's the best free OCR I've found so far--and it seems pretty decent at reading from questionable photos. http://www.topocr.com/topocr.html

I also tried out a program called FreeOCR; that one was disappointing.

Coleen Christensen

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