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RE: [Bann Valley] Maghera Communicant Roll Book

Some comments on the interesting resource transcribed for us by Barbara and
William, for which many thanks:

Why are the dates grouped?  Okay - there are a zillion in 1847/8 because of
the famine.  But where are the ones for 1857, or 1859 or 1866
or............... Check it out.  There are very very few for some years and
loads for others.  I just wonder why.  Was it external = big movements in
history, or internal = the minister was in love and distracted?

Only 5 fornicators and no bastards probably because it doesn't record
births!).  And three "dunkenness"es.  Imagine finding your ancestor
described as such!!

What is the difference between being removed and being excommunicated?  

A quick survey showed everyone emigrated to America with one Oz exception.
And guess how many people went to America.  79, no less!

"....church elder or Robert senr?" - almost defo a church elder cause they
used the word snr for senior!!

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Hi all!

Just to let you know that we have completed the first part of the
Communicant Roll Book for Maghera Presbyterian Church started in 1847 by the
Reverend Witherow.  SNIP

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