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RE: [Bann Valley] Maghera Communicant Roll Book

These are great questions which bring the records to life, but not many
definite answers. My own opinions, for what they're worth:

>Why are the dates grouped?

Somewhat less than half the strikeouts are associated with any date, so many
event dates are missing. Dated events may have been more readily available
eg certificates or burial diary if minister officiated. Other dates perhaps
not readily available. When does a minister decide when attendance is not
regular enough?

>There are very very few for some years and
loads for others...  Was it external = big movements in
history, or internal = the minister was in love and distracted?

I think that over the period recorded, more than one minister workrd on the
records. Maybe Barbara can add more? My own feeling is that the dates and
reasons for some of the records were not given a lot of care ie for
transgressors in particular, so I would lean toward the latter reason if I
had to choose :)  Maybe he just had an occasional clearout of his records?

> Only 5 fornicators.
I suspect there were more, especially if today's standards mean anything,
but probably only those cases leaving tangible evidence or public
newsworthiness were recorded.

> And three "drunkenness"es.  Imagine finding your ancestor
described as such!!

I think it would be terrific! Much better than not finding them. I wonder
how the minister backed up this claim? Could be a problem nowadays.

>What is the difference between being removed and being excommunicated?

The records don't state BEING "removed", but removed as in eg.  "Mr and Mrs
Jones removed to Bellaghy, where Mr Jones is now working" I think this is
the language of that time.

A big thanks to Barbara for providing yet another prized resource, and
giving it so much time and effort.

William Scott

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