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[Bann Valley] Worm alert! All Please read

Someone on this list has not got their anti-virus software installed and
up to date!

The list has just received an email from a non-member. This is a phishing
email - one of those purporting to be fom www.halixax-online.co.uk/ - in
fact it's a false address, trying to get the gullible to disclose their
credit card info to the sender.

Now the only way the list could have got such an email is that someone has
some spyware infecting their computer. They have opened an email
attachment to see what it is and it is in fact a program which installs
itself on your 'puter, and starts copying itself to all the other
addresses it finds in your email address book. It also sends these
addresses back to the originator.

Never open email attachments unless you know exactly what they are.

This is one reason why email attachments are not allowed on the list -
though the list is not currently set up to bounce them. I think I will
have to set the list so that only plain text emails get accepted.

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