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RE: [Bann Valley] Re: Torrens/Archibald connections

I have a question for the group. I have an ancestor by the name of John Bradley who lived in Greenock in 1851 (27 years old) per the 1851 census. A  Ann Torrance is listed as the head of the household and as being maintained by her son (John Bradley ). Does anyone have any idea why the names would be different ? If Ann was John's mother, wouldn't her last name be Bradley ? Thanks. Tom Bradley> From: r.morrison11@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: BannValley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: [Bann Valley] Re: Torrens/Archibald connections> Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 21:55:08 +0100> > Thanks for the link regarding the spelling variations of Torrens. I know > from researching other names that phonetic spelling appears to be the case > particularly in older records. Regarding my involvement with the > Torrens/Torrance name, it was my grandfather Robert Archibald, son of James > Archibald and Elizabeth Torrens, who had my mother baptized as Elizabeth > Torrance Archibald. So he actually changed the spelling. A brother who > moved to Dundee, James Archibald, also had a daughter baptized as Elizabeth > Torrance Archibald.> > James Archibald and Elizabeth Torrens married in Greenock and their Marriage > Certificate shows Torrens. Entries recording them in other official records > also show Torrens. So the question remains, why did their sons Robert and > James choose to change the spelling of their mother's name to Torrance in > respect of their children but leave Torrens for Elizabeth Torrens in other > records? Perhaps they were aware that their own parents preferred Torrens. > In fact I am proud to have Torrens ancestors however it is spelled. > > > > -- > To unsubscribe send a mail to BannValley+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> List rules and FAQs: http://www.torrens.org.uk/Lists/3_rules.html> 
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