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RE: [Bann Valley] New Records

Well done Barbara and Denver.  I know how much hard work goes into these
transcriptions and how useful they will be to those less fortunate than
myself and Denver who actually live in the area.  Even then, it is good to
have help.  Denver recently sent me a photograph of a grave in an obscure
old graveyard in Downhill which has an ancient grave which may well be the
grave of one of my earliest ancestors - pushing back into the 17th century!!
His name was spelled two different ways on the stone - Lamonde and Lamoned -
which now makes 15 different spellings of my grandmother, Jeannie
McClements' name!  Just goes to highlight the value of careful transcribers
like Barbara and Denver, who will give you what was in the original, whether
they photgraph it or copy it.

Thanks again,


Hi Listers,

All the Maghera Presbyterian Church Burials should be up on the BV site
shortly.  The Communicant Roll Books still in the works!

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