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[4qd-bannvalley] Schools

Old Ringsend primary school has recently been demolished, the newer (and
last) one is on the present Craigmore Road but not sure when it was built=2E=

The old Killeague school is now a dwelling house and the newer (and last)
one is the church hall- both near Killaig Presbyterian Church=2E
Present Gorran Primary School at corner of Gorran Road and Drumcroon Rd=2E=
one before that further up Gorran Road and first one further up Gorran Roa=
again are both dwelling houses=2E
Another old school in the area was Killure but that's at junction of
Drumcroon Rd=2E and Glenleary Road, however the only one I can think of wi=
a connection to Ringsend is Ringsend School=2E
If there's someone with a connection to this mystery school would you know=

where they lived as that might help pinpoint the school=3F

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Ringsend Primary School is situated a very short distance from Ringsend
village on the main Limavady/Ballymoney Road, and almost at the junction o=
that road with the main Dungiven/Coleraine road=2E =20
There was also the former Killeague Primary School but it was near the mai=
Coleraine/Garvagh Road, and now the church hall of Killaig Presbyterian
Church=2E =20
Gorran Primary School is also in the area but nearer to Garvagh and also
just off the Coleraine/Garvagh Road but it is still a school=2E

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