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[4qd-bannvalley] Schools

Many thanks for the help with the schools. Only info I have is that some of 
my father's brothers went to a school at Macosquin. I believe it would have 
been a "secondary" school and as they lived near Dungiven they might have 
boarded there or locally.
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Old Ringsend primary school has recently been demolished, the newer (and
last) one is on the present Craigmore Road but not sure when it was built.
The old Killeague school is now a dwelling house and the newer (and last)
one is the church hall- both near Killaig Presbyterian Church.
Present Gorran Primary School at corner of Gorran Road and Drumcroon Rd.,
one before that further up Gorran Road and first one further up Gorran Road
again are both dwelling houses.
Another old school in the area was Killure but that's at junction of
Drumcroon Rd. and Glenleary Road, however the only one I can think of with
a connection to Ringsend is Ringsend School.
If there's someone with a connection to this mystery school would you know
where they lived as that might help pinpoint the school?

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Ringsend Primary School is situated a very short distance from Ringsend
village on the main Limavady/Ballymoney Road, and almost at the junction of
that road with the main Dungiven/Coleraine road.
There was also the former Killeague Primary School but it was near the main
Coleraine/Garvagh Road, and now the church hall of Killaig Presbyterian
Gorran Primary School is also in the area but nearer to Garvagh and also
just off the Coleraine/Garvagh Road but it is still a school.

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