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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: [4qd-torrens] ADMIN: pls read - the list's future

Hello Richard and all those who participate on the Torrens and Bannvalley

I echo all that has been said by those who have emailed on this subject in
the previous few days. You're the list boss and by me, what you say, goes.
Archives are a very important aspect of any list, more so when the list is
as specilised as the Torrens and Bann Valley Lists. So whatever promotes
retention of ,and access to, the thoughts, ideas and family history links of
these lists participants has to be a good thing.

Best regards to all Greg in New Zealand

Researching in Aghadowey - Barlow, Mullan, McDonald, Reid, Taylor and
Researching in Clondermont - Reid, Barlow, Kelaghan and Mulleary.