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[4qd-bannvalley] How to unsubscribe

A couple of people have tried unsuccessfully to unsubscribe. Unsuccessful
probably because their email program doesn't respond properly.

The correct link to unsubscribe is


Note that is 4qd-bannvalley-request@ rather than 4qd-bannvalley@

the wrong attempts have been sent to the list address:
i.e. without the -request bit: that is the main list address and won't
unsubscribe you!

You should get back a 'please confirm' email.
The reply to this must also be sent to
some email programs seem to get this wrong and leave out the -requests
bit, so it doesn't work! It's a mistake in your email program as one of
the headers is

Reply-to:  4qd-bannvalley-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

which your email program should obey!

Richard Torrens - ListMaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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