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[Bann Valley] Boyds in Aghadowey and Macosquin

Hi Folks,

Just checking that I am on the new List, and hoping I have successfully
turned off html!

I have been doing a lot of work on my Boyds recently and would appreciate
any help anyone can give.

My great great grandmother, Mary Boyd, 1810-85, married Robert Brewster in
1836 according to the OAP/Census records, and they lived in Dromore on the
southern border of Macosquin Parish.  I want to know her ancestry and have
very little to go on but, using the 18th century Aghadowey surveys, the 1831
Census, the TAB, the GV, Civil Records and gravestones, I feel she must be
from one of several families living in townlands in south Macosquin or north
Aghadowey.  Specifically, Drumcroon, Ballylintagh, Collins, Crosscandly,
Cullycapple and Killeague.  So far, the only church records I have
researched are those in Macosquin.  I have not seen Killeague Presbyterian
Church, or Aghadowey Presbyterian and Aghadowey CofI churches.

Anyone out there know anything that might help?

Regards and thank you to Richard for his wonderful new List.


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