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[Bann Valley] Re: Welcome to BannValley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello there,

I'm Bill Henderson,

I am undertaking family research - The Hendersons from Ballyagan, 
Garvagh. My family have lived there for nearly 200 years. Sadly the 
farm is out 'of our hands'. I am stuck on Thomas Henderson, who is my 
Great Great Grand Father 1816 - 1902. I cant 'get past him' though. He 
married Matilda McCloy at Ballykelly, 1841ish, but the parish records 
have been lost, so we cant 'track his father'. We think Thomas had a 
brother - Archie - who ran a tannery in Garvagh upto around mid 
1860's. We think Thomasa's mother was called Sarah. Anyone who knows 
anything about my family, however small would be greatly appreciated. 
My Great Grandfather Robert Wilson Henderson was a Dr. and known as 
Uncle Bob. He was a son of Thomas. Any info on this man, however small 
would be greatly appreciated. If I can be of assistance to anyone, 
please give me a shout.

Many thanks

Bill Henderson

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