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RE: [Bann Valley] Re: visiting ancestral places

Moghrey mie all,

Just reading the 'visiting where our ancestors lived' thread. 
Something I may be able to help you with.

I have done this, and stood in my G,G,Grandfathers house where 
generations of my family grew up. 

I would agree, this needs to be approached carefully, and tactfully. I 
think the worst thing you could do is to 'rock  up' and 'floor 

The trick is to get to know someone in the area, local historian, or 
anyone you have met during the research, who might be willing to make 
contact with the current owners, and lay the path so to speak. An 
advance letter would be a good idea. 

In my case this is what I did, and was made very welcome. The family 
who now live on the farm that my ancestors came from were most 
interested to 'hear my story'. I think 'laying the ground work first' 
is the best way of doing this. Especially if you have a contact who 
could speak to the family in question, as in all likely hood they 
could know the family, or someone who will, to give you the 
introduction you need. 

The experience was amazing, and very unnerving at the same time!


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