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Re: [Bann Valley] Re: visiting ancestral places

This has been one of the most interesting threads I've read here. I haven't
been to any of my ancestral townlands, but am lucky enough to know where a
few of them are. There's a lot of useful advice here which I've never read
in any book.

My parents visited the Bann Valley in 1996 and are unlikely to do so again
because of their age. They took photos and visited a gravestone but didn't
make contact with any living relatives. When I finally make my trip, I will
certainly now write to the local historian and one or two of the relatives
before my visit - I think a very brief version to the relatives and a
slightly fuller one to the historian.

The townlands include Ballyagan, where my great-great-grandfather Robert
Woods lived in the 1850s to 1870s. I have  done no active research for a few
years but their are some Ironmongers Estate records availableat PRONI and
filmed by the LDS.. The ones I've searched are from the 1860s. As time
allows, I will check what I have for Hendersons.

John Woods
New Zealand

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