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[Bann Valley] ADMIN, pls read. Attachments

There was a small scare recently because of an attachment to the list.

In fact this one wasn't really an attachment, the poster had an oddly
configured mail program which sent the text out looking like it was an

The list manager program has an internal set of rules. One rule is that
any email that is not plain text gets referred to me for moderation.

This email was so referred. It was plain text (though as an attachment) so
I let it through.

However - the fact is that harmful attachments cannot get through to the
list! Nor can benign ones, unless I specifically approve them!

This means that anyone posting in html gets referred for moderation - html
is always sent as an attachment!

While I'm talking about rules: I draw listers attention to the rulebook...

some of you, p;ease note. e.g. the aurhor of the posting subject "mail".
And the reply to that email which was personal - all it said was Ta!....

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