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[Bann Valley] Lisgorgan Glebe, Tamlaght O'Crilly Parish

Hi folks!

Don't know if anyone is interested in my little discovery but have just noticed that a small glebe of 17 families called Lisgorgan Glebe which is situated next to Killymuck Glebe in Griffiths does not appear at all in the 1831 Tamlaght O'Crilly Census where instead these 14 or so families (mostly Catholic names) are included as occupiers in Killymuck Glebe.  

I believe that Lisgorgan Glebe may have been the 1/4th of Killymuck that was alloted in 1624 to Desertmartin Diocese.  The other 3/4th being alloted to Kilrea.

So if anyone had ancestors in Lisgorgan and can't find them try Killymuck in the 1831 Census.

I am currently trying my hand at writing a Killymuck Glebe history!!!

Barbara Braswell



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