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[Bann Valley] Diamond, Dillon, & Hegarty Families of Garvagh & Coleraine

Hello all, 

  this is my first posting to the message boards. My name is Jeff Knowlton, I am searching for information on the family of my great-grandmother Catherine Hegarty. Her parents were Patrick Hegarty, and her mother was Mary whose maiden name was either Dillon or Diamond. I'm not sure which townland they were from, just that they lived in County Londonderry/Derry. I think they resided in the Bann Valley since an old probate file of Patrick's estate said that the matter of his estate would be announced in the Coleraine Constitution. I have a paper somewhere that says that the cousin of my great-grandmother,The Rt. Rev. Bernard Henry Diamond was from Ballyrogan in Garvagh. I mentioned Garvagh to my grandmother, and she said that the name sounded familiar. These people were Catholic.  Anyone know anything about these families? I appreciate any help that may be provided.

                        Many Thanks
                       Jeff Knowlton

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