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Re: [Bann Valley] Diamond, Dillon, & Hegarty Families of Garvagh & Coleraine

Hello Jeff

several years ago I had a lengthy email correspondence with a woman who descended from Co. Derry Dimonds (same name as Diamonds). She got in touch with me through the Bann Valley list but I think we continued the emailing off list. I have about 40 emailsabout Dimonds, most of which she sent me as a carbon copy once she started emailing other people about what she was finding. The Dimonds were a co. Derry erenagh family; in other words they had status in pre-Plantation times as a family which had rights and responsibilities to do with the church in a particular parish. Theright to supply the priests for example. I think the Dimonds were erenaghs in Kilrea.

The best thing might be for me to send you off the list a few of the early emails and the you can decide if she is interested in the people you are interested in and make contact directly. I think I also put her in touch with Barry McCain who runs an Ulster genealogy DNA testing project; I'll send Barry's email too. It says Dimonds show Norse ancestry! There are Presbyterian Hegartys near Garvagh, presumably even so the same family as yours, if yours are Catholic

Linde Lunney

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