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Re: [Bann Valley] Diamond, Dillon, & Hegarty Families of Garvagh & Col eraine


Thanks alot for your help, I saved the attachment for future reference. And you're right my first message was pretty vague, only because I didn't have the documents to which I was referring to with me. I have them now and here is what the court order says"

    "In Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, Ireland
          Probate and Matrimonial Division
    Before the Right Honourable Robert R. Warren the Judge sitting in 
    open Court at the Four Courts, Dublin The 23 day of February 1891

    In the Goods of}          On reading motion paper filed the
    Patrick Hegarty}     
         Deceased  }          13 day of February 1891 copy affidavit 

 of  Mary Hegarty and copy exhibit marked "A" therein referred to copy 

affidavit of John Lynch and copy affidavit of George Dillon all filed 

the 13 day of February 1891. And on leaving Mr. Henry, Counsel for 

Mary Hegarty, It is ordered by the Court that notice of this motion 

be inserted as an advertisement in the Coleraine Constitution 

newspaper once shall be deemed good service of such notice on Denis 

Hegarty, Susan Saxe otherwise Hegarty, Martha Hegarty, Daniel 

Hegarty, and Catherine Hegarty all in said affidavit of Mary Hegarty 

referred to.

J.E. Proctor   }
   Solicitor   }
47 Rutland Sqre}
_______________}   " End Quote

I'm an American college student,  who is just trying to right down 
and collect the heritage of my family both written and oral from the 
older generations of "Ar gClann" mar a deirtear anns an Ghaeilge. I thank you so much for your help.

                     Jeff Knowlton

P.S. I am forwarding this to the list, in case someone might recognize the names of the relatives listed in the court order. 

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