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Re: [Bann Valley] Diamond, Dillon, & Hegarty Families of Garvagh & Col eraine


 To tell you the truth, I am just starting to research the Diamonds but I do know mine were Catholic. The Rev. Bernard H. Diamond who was my great-granny's cousin was a Catholic Monsignor who ended up being the Vicar-General of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, Texas where he died in 1941. My great-grandmother married Catholic and educated her only child my grandmother in the Catholic manner. There is a strong possibility that those Presbyterian Hegartys in Garvagh you refer to are kin to me, so I will be looking into that. I would very much like to have those emails for future reference as I go back in time so to speak with my family. I knew to a certain extent about the Diamonds being herenachs or Airchinneach as I believe it is spelled in Irish. I do not know of any male line descended Diamond relatives that are living in this country to test, but that DNA project sounds enticing. Who would have know that I might descend from Nordic Brahmans/Druids, for the lack of a better word. I thank everyone on this list who have gone out of their way to assist me. I respect each and every one of you for the incite that you have brought to my research.     



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