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[Bann Valley] Fwd: Another Bann Valley family located

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From: "McCain" <failte@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 October 2006 02:18:12 IST
To: "'Lunney Family'" <family@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Another Bann Valley family located

Located and filed another large Bann Valley family today. The Dimond family, in Irish Ó Diamáin. Native Irish, but get this, of Norse ancestry, no doubt about it. I've already put them in contact with their cousins in
Maghera and Derry.  Another Airchinnigh family BTW also today mixed
religiously, Catholic and Protestant, about equally.

I have six of them, spread all over the USA, Montana to New Jersey, the more
recent immigrants know their cousins in Ireland. Very old Bann Valley
family. Being Norse they would have an interesting tale I would imagine. The
Andersons too are Norse, but are Ulster Scots.

I had emails today from Trinity and George Southern University (their Irish studies Department). Trinity is interested in Gallóglaigh clans of Ulster.
Georgia Southern wants to do a genealogy seminar.


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